Nano Diamond Battery

by Mr. S. Alfen Nishanth, 3rd Year Student, Sastra University Need NDB is green as it has no emission, it is inert to the environment, and does not require cobalt mining. NDB is a more energy-dense, longer-lasting, weather-independent alternative to traditional energy sources. The added values are lack of harmful by-products and recycling of nuclear … Read more

Precision Monitoring of Crops

by R Santhosh Raj, Sastra University Introduction Precision monitoring of agricultural crops integrates a set of technologies, devices, protocols, and computational paradigms to improve agricultural processes. the adoption of digital technologies in precision agriculture has enabled the farmers to treat crops and manage fields more efficiently. No wonder that the technological additions have changed the … Read more


by Siddhesh B (III Year – Electronics and Communication Engineer), Sastra University, Tamil Nadu Introduction MQTT is a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging protocol designed for machine- to-machine telemetry in low bandwidth environments. It runs over TCP/IP. However, any network that is lossless, and bi- directional can provide MQTT support. Residing on top of the TCP/IP network … Read more